These Movie-Themed Slot Games are the Best You Would Ever Find

For millions all over the world, online slots are a great way to pass their time. There are many movie themed slot machines that are online. These are usually free and you do not have to wager anything. If you want to play with real money and win exciting prizes, there is an option for that as well. The attractive feature of the slot machines is its simplicity. You do not need a prior information of making it work. Just go with the flow and you will get the hang of it in no time at all.

Here are the best slot games by NetEnt and Playtech that are making waves in the market.

King Kong

This is one of the best slot games that feature this famous character. The game involves twenty pay lines and the chance of winning is decent, unlike the other slot games. The slot theme and the movie’s storyline have some similarities. The pivotal character is a gorilla and the symbol is the wild gorilla. There are different modes to choose from as well. One being the city mode and another being jungle mode. You may also avail skull bonuses that will help you increase your winning amount Ask any regular gambler about their favorite slot game, this definitely would be the answer.


The premise of this story is a love affair between a slave and a wealthy woman. The backdrop is the ancient times and the city is on the brink of destruction due to a volcano eruption. The most impressive part of this game is its 243 pay lines. There are no main heroes n this game. There are icons are sword, jewellery or helmet that would decide your win. Also, you do not require any additional download to play this game. Based on the Roman empire, this whole game is sure to take you back to the golden era when you or I did not exist. It is a great way of making your weekends fun.


This free Zorro pokie is a favorite among the players. This is one of the most successful movies and obviously they have been turned into successful slot games. The theme music and the characters are all the characters of the movie. But if you are yet to watch the movie, do not worry that there would be spoilers. This game does not have anything to do with the storyline. You can continue playing the game without knowing anything about the movie.

Zorro pokie


Do play these lovely slot games and make your casino time worthwhile. If you are someone who likes lighter and easier games and does not prefer the complex card games, this is definitely gret for you. At the same time, you can win and experience the joy of playing at the actual casino. Without any ado, get to playing these games.

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