Here are Some Movie – Themed Slots That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Online slots are a terrific method for billions of individuals around the globe to spend the time. There are several Hollywood gambling machines available on the internet. These are fairly flexible and will not need any wagering. There is also the possibility of playing for actual cash and winning fantastic rewards. The accessibility of slot machines is what makes them appealing. You don’t need any preexisting knowledge to make it function. Go with the rhythm, and you’ll be up and running as quickly as possible.



We all know about this adventurous movie Jumanji, which has been a cult favorite of kids since its release. NetEnt is the brain behind this game and you must pass so many different levels. Every level has its own set of difficulty that you must overcome. It will eventually lead up to you winning the game and getting the payout. The icons are the main characters and there are many bonuses that are triggered with every passing level.


Among the adventure fanatics, Goonies are a favorite. There are many thieves in the movie and every level, one has to overcome these problems to get to the higher levels. There are give reels, three rows and 20 pay lines. The game theme is exactly similar to that of the movie. One can experience of joy of playing a part in the actual movie when playing on this. Also, the interface is simple and you would not have to struggle a lot of get anywhere.

Planet of the apes

There is no one on this planet who does not know about this movie. The RTP of this game is 96.3%, which means that this is ideal if you want to play a game to earn profits. You get many free spins and as you keep playing, you have the opportunity to increase your winnings. This game gives oen true opportunity to make money and at the same time, enjoy the vibe of the slot game.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

You would come across a lot of dinosaurs in the movie. The winning rates are quite high and just go for them blindly if you want to win big. All the characters are identical to that of the movie and there is different music as well. You would also have the pleasure of listening to the many dinosaur sounds. Like in the move, the main characters are the same.


You get the best of the movies and music when you choose to play online slots. Companies like NetEnt and Playtech are doing a great job in providing the public with some juicy slot games. It is extremely simple to understand the functioning of these games and get to the playing part. You would also experience the thrill of playing in the actual casino, without having to step out of your home.

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